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10 Things No One Ever Tells You about: Cutting Your Hair

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Hair cut is very important for a confident look. It often represents your whole personality and inner persona characteristics with a much upbeat elegance. Haircut experts know precisely regarding what sort of haircut one should have and these experts have also carefully listed down little important yet known facts to help you get the best out of your cut.

1 - Cutting your hair more often doesn't make it grow faster 

It’s a kind of myth as well that cutting hair more often make it grow faster. If you are cutting only ends of your hair, even then it will create to major effect regarding hair development. Basically follicles in your scalp determines the hair growth so in order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you can simply trim it time to time.

2 – Trim Time

You hair need a fine trim when you see their ends splitting badly. Usually, according to some beauty experts, human hair split around after three to four months and that is when you essentially need a trim instead going with usual six to eight weeks.

3 - Layer Accordingly

Your hair layer should be according to your hair texture. Some people have soft or flaky hair while some people have hard strong straight hair which work best with more layers.

4 - Skip the shampoo

Skipping shampoo before a haircut is also a good idea. According to experts, washing and drying out hair twice is just a waste.

5 - It’s best to trim natural hair when dry

Always try to trim natural hair when dry. Dry hair gives best results after a fine cut. Girls with natural hair should always trim hair when dry to get best results.

6 - Search salon apprentice websites first

Searching a salon that offers apprenticeship for new comers is a good idea to try out. Different stylists want models to clock certain amount of hours cutting in order to get particular certification. Trying this way, you can get a good haircut with no or less money.

7 - All bangs aren't cut equally

If you are a big fan of bangs, see your hair texture first. If you have flaky or thick hair, long wispy bangs will suite best on you. On the other hand, if you have a square face, you can try out short bangs.

8 - Short hair takes work 

Though short hair look nice but they need more consistent trips to the salon than long hair. To keep the shape and style, short hair need regular trims. On the other hand, long hair has natural tendency to remain alike after six to eight weeks.

9 - If you don’t trim, split ends will travel 

Trimming is very important as if you don’t trim, spit ends will travel and continue to get brittle and weak.

10 - Bring options 

Bringing options is a good idea to tell your stylist for a different type of haircut. Sometimes a certain type of haircut suits best on you. Good stylists also guide you to have a specific type of haircut that matches your face cut as well.

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