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3 Day Vegetarian Diet Plan and Menu for Losing Weight Fast – Saloni Fitness Corner

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3 day vegetarian diet is the faster way to lose weight up to 10 pounds in a week. In this diet people are suggested to make a habit of taking protein, fruits and other supplements in their daily routine. This diet plan includes the use of fruits, vegetables, eggs, tea, meat, coffee and toast. You also have to consume .35 liter water per day. This diet plan will cause instant weight loss because it deceives your metabolism.

Metabolism Affect

Day 1 - Metabolism Affect:

In the first day you need to take low carb food which will affect your metabolism, instantly. In the second day you can eat whatever you want and on the third day again you have to eat limited food. This will make your metabolism confuse in a sense and it works faster as well. In turn, this helps you to break down all the calories and fats of your body by making you slim and beautiful.

Day 1:

On the very first day of this diet you can take one slice of toast, 2 tablespoon of peanut butter, tea and half grape fruit in breakfast. In lunch you need to have a half cup tuna and one slice of wheat bread toast. Your dinner meal would contain one cup of green beans, half banana, one small apple, one cup vanilla ice cream and almost 85gm of meat. Meat can be of any type if you are not restricted to a specific type of meat.

Helps Controlling Cholesterol Level


In the second day your breakfast must contain one egg, wheat bread toast and a half banana. In lunch time, you can have one hard-boiled egg, five salty crackers and one cup of cottage cheese or you can also use a slice of cheddar cheese. At dinner time you should have half cup of carrots, banana, vanilla ice cream, two hot dogs and once cup of broccoli.

Helps Controlling Cholesterol Level:

This diet plan will help you to control your cholesterol level and if you strictly follows this diet plan, you can slack 4.5 kg only in three days. However, it is suggested that you must keep yourself hydrated. It is very important for you to consume a lot of water because by following this diet plan you might have some dehydration issues.

Keep Your-Self Hydrated

Day 3:

On the third day you can have 5 salty crackers, one apple and slice of cheddar cheese in breakfast. In lunch you can have one hard-boiled egg and a slice of whole wheat bread toast. At night one cup tuna, vanilla ice cream and half banana would be included in your dinner menu.

Keep Your-Self Hydrated:

If you keep your-self hydrated it will also help to get over the starvation feeling. It is also strictly prohibited that you must not do any exercise while following this diet plan because it can make you internally weak. Instantly weight lose can also cause the instant problems like heart issues. To avoid all these issues you just need to stick with the plan. This is also very important for you to make realistic goals with this diet plan. If your goals are not realistic then your motivation level will be lower down quickly.

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