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4 Amazing Things That Can Boost Your Appetite

Posted by Health & Beauty Expert on

Boosting your desire for healthy diet could be a complicated business, particularly if you discover food unappetizing or are stressed to gain additional weight. "Getting adequate nutrition each day can really make a difference in how you feel," says Kathleen Zelman, RD, director of nutrition at WebMD. "Eating well also keeps your body and mind strong and healthy." However, there are plenty of things you can try to adapt your body to boost your appetite. Lisa Young, a Ph.D., and R.D., as well as the author of The Portion Teller Plan, describes here four amazing things that could help you eat more.

Cool Conditions:

Believe it or not but research shows that humans eat more in winter than in any other season. "We tend to eat more in cold temperatures because our bodies are trying to keep warm," says Young. So keep yourself cool from outer heat and see results in weeks. Another way of thinking is that, "In some cases, warming food will make it more fragrant, and may make you feel hungrier," says Palmer, RD, professor of nutrition and oral health promotion at Tufts Dental School in Boston. "Though for some people, cold food is more appetizing. It’s really up to the individual, so you need to decide what’s most appetizing you to."

Your Meds: 

According to Lisa Young, "Of course, everyone reacts to medications differently—but generally speaking, anti-depressants in particular have been linked to increased appetite." Different types of prescriptions, particularly anti-depressants medications are certainly linked to weight gain. So if you are taking these types of medicines, you can ask your doctors or dermatologist regarding all of the side effects.


Supplements also affect in diverse ways. "Certain dietary supplements and herbal supplements—i.e., the over-the-counter vitamins you get in health stores—have been shown to increase appetite in some people," says Young.

Changing Your Exercise Routine: 

Changing your exercise routine could also bring positive effects on your eating routines and could help increase your appetite as well. "Changing your workout pattern could make you feel hungrier initially, simply because your body is acclimating to a new normal and that can impact your appetite," says Young.

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