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5 Foods with Extra Vitamin C than an Orange

Posted by Health & Beauty Expert on

Vitamin c is one of the few essentials for better growth and repair of various body tissues. It also helps our body and incite body muscles to make collagen. Apart from its health benefits, many believe that orange has highest amount of vitamin c while new research has shown quite altered and new results which comply with few very foods which have more vitamin c than orange.

Yellow Bell Peppers: Yellow bell pepper are colorful crunchy vegetables packed with vitamin c. Its half chopped pack provides 155 milligrams of vitamin c comparing more than the mentioned daily intake of 75 milligrams.

Papaya: Not only a good source of vitamin c, papaya has also large amount of vitamin A and fiber. A large papaya provides 238 milligrams of vitamin c.

Guava: Guava with 377 milligrams of vitamin c also ranked high against orange. According to experts, this amount is five time higher than your normal vitamin intake.

Kale: Kale is considered base of salads. It has 150 milligrams of vitamin c and 684 milligrams of potassium. Along with potassium and vitamin c, kale also has heavy amount of fiber in it.

Strawberries: Strawberries, more or like has same amount of vitamin c but many did not even know this fact. The actual amount is 98 milligrams as medium sized orange.

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