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5 Minutes to Tight, Toned Abs

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Getting tight and toned abs in five minutes is possible but it is linked directly with one’s own fortitude and desire to get a beautiful and well-shaped body. Jaime Morales, who is a group fitness instructor at Equinox, also claims that it is possible but it is also important that whatever the routines laid by experts, you need total attention to exercise exactly the way it is required.

Reverse Plank:

Reverse plank is one of the most effective exercises to get tight and toned abs in no time. Laying down on your back and keeping your abs tight while lifting feet and legs is a good way to start in order to get a well-shaped body in little time.


Again lying down on your back with your legs straightforward and clicking your heels together for a few seconds would put a slight strong pressure on your abs area. Repeat this work out for few times and see how effective this exercise is to get tight and toned abs.


This exercise would put pressure on your back as well as on abs. Laying down on your back with hands behind the head would create a crunch type feeling around your belly area and in little time you will see a major improvement around abs’ skin.

Along with these three, our experts have listed these five major moves as well to get you tight and toned abs in just five minutes.     

Here are the five moves:

1. Braced Squat

2. Alternating Dumbbell Press

3. Single Leg Row

4. Dumbbell Carry

5. Reverse Lunge with Raise

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