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Best Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin – Saloni Makeup Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Wearing makeup is the craving of every girl but if your skin is sensitive then you really need to take care of your skin while wearing makeup. It is because makeup can cause bad effects on skin. Therefore it is suggested that one must take care of her skin while choosing makeup products as well. Acne is the most common problem faced by many females. This might get started in the early teenage and can continue for the rest of your life. If your skin is acne prone then you have to be very careful while putting on makeup. Acne will cause inflammation on your skin that can become worse. However, if your skin is acne prone then the below mention make up tips can be really very helpful to you.

Avoid Irritant Loaded Formulas:

The first thing which you need to do is, that when you go for makeup products shopping, try to avoid the irritant loaded formulas. This can worsen your acne problem and will cause more inflammation to your skin. In turn, it will cause much more damage to your skin. This will also slow down your skin healing process and leave scars to your skin.

Avoid the Thick Solid Makeup Items:

Second important thing to consider is that you must avoid the thick and solid makeup items. Like pancake, stick, cream and compact foundations. These are the products that you must avoid to purchase. These solid items can be very tempting but they are not useful for your skin.

Full Coverage Foundations:

When you are doing make up don’t use the full coverage foundations. Always try to go for the medium ones. They will cause less damage to your skin. However, if you desperately wants to use foundations then you must choose a liquid foundation. Liquid foundation can suit your skin and it will cause less inflammation than other solid products.

Using Blush:

Acne prone skin might have scars or redness on your face. To conceal it you can use blush on but after applying the foundation. Foundation will provide a smooth and silky look to your skin then as you apply a blush on it will help you to look gorgeous. Peach or pink blush-on can be very helpful for you to avoid the redness of your skin.

Removing Makeup:

Before going to bed, you must remove your make up. If your skin is acne prone then overnight make up can really damage your skin. Therefore it is suggested that you should avoid make up at-night. Try to clean your face with the cleanser. This will help to remove make up quickly and after it, one must apply the moisturizer to restore the moisture of her skin.

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