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Blemishes – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

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Many people suffer from blemishes, Sort of marks or areas of slight bruising on the skin is called blemishes. Blemishes could be seen in a variety of different colors on the skin.

Blemishes Symptoms and Types:

  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Age Spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Scars

Blemishes Causes:

  • Marks may develop on skin due to skin conditions like boils, pimples or acne
  • Other causes include
    • Skin injuries
    • Age
    • Sun spots
    • Freckles
    • Moles

Blemishes Prevention Tips:

  1. Cleanse regularly
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Use salicyclic acid
  4. Use benzoyl peroxide

"It is a process of the pores getting clogged, bacteria growing in the pores, [and pores] getting inflamed," plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. "Things you need to do are deep cleansing, using benzoyl peroxide and using salicylic acid. For bad cases, you have to see your dermatologist, who may put you on antibiotics and maybe even Accutane. Laser treatments, nowadays are another good option for people who have stubborn acne."

He further says, “Cool water is actually a bit of an anti-inflammatory." And another way, “Just put some white vinegar on a loofa and scrub the afflicted area, the vinegar helps unclog the pores.”

Natural Home Remedy Using Almonds and Milk:

  1. Soak 7-8 almonds in water for 12 hours
  2. Peel and crush them
  3. Add a little milk to make a paste
  4. Apply on blemishes
  5. Leave it overnight
  6. Wash with cold water in the morning
  7. Do this for at least 2 weeks

Natural Home Remedy Using Potato:

  1. Take a potato slice
  2. Rub on the affected area for 10 min
  3. Do this 2-3 times a day

Natural Home Remedy Using Mint Leaves:

  1. Crush some mint leaves into a fine paste
  2. Apply this paste on the blemishes
  3. Leave it for 20 min
  4. Wash off with cold water

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