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Caution! Foods Lead to Cancer

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A decade ago the number one adverse health related buzz work was AIDS/HIV. Everyone was focusing on the dangers of AIDS, the ways so forth. However, according to the WHO (world health Organization) the number one killer of human beings (even overtaking heart disease) is and will be cancer. While scientists believe that cancer is most certainly caused by factors such as genetics, a staggering 80% of cancer is caused by our lifestyle choices. The biggest factor amongst these lifestyle choices is, of course, food. Since there’s not much one can do about the genes they are born with it is important to instead focus on the things we can do something about, food being right up there on the top of the list.

There are 10 major food items or forms of food to stay away from.

According to a leading science and technology magazine the first, second and ninth articles on their list of highest risk of cancer causing foods are all contained in just one type of food! Many a time foreigners have asked me “what is Pakistan food like? What is your national food?” To answer this question 1 would first go into the history of Pakistan and talk about how we are an ancient culture and our food varies from region to region and province to province. Once I realized my audience was sufficiently bored with my history class I racked my brains and only one thing came to mind.


Think about it, as Pakistanis we probably consume more barbequed food than most nations across the world. Most foreigners treat barbequed food like a kind of delicacy, something rare and occasional. But we eat tikkas, kebabs, malai botis and the list goes on and on, on a regular basis. I for example hit up a Bundoo Khan at least once a week. What’s more is I usually go on a Friday and the faces I see there are usually the same, which just proves my point; that we consume a lot of barbequed food as a nation. Now you’re thinking, “How does this have anything to do with cancer?” the answer is just that Barbeque. People of Pakistan, I am afraid, to tell you that “any charred food, from burnt popcorn to toast and especially meats” are amongst the top cancer causing foods. This recent discovery has certainly stressed me out a lot. And it should stress you out as wall. Apart from not knowing what I should do for dinner on a Friday night this has really put a dent in my boundless respect for Pakistani barbeque. We all love the slightly burnt corners of our tikkas, the slightly charred edges of our Afghani botis. I mean it’s that smoky, burnt goodness that attracts us to barbequed food. That idea of cooking meat on an open flame strikes a primal chord within us all and builds that desire for just one more tikka boti. I am afraid those burnt edges are a thing of the past, my friends. No more can one eat them without worrying not just about in digestion but also about increasing our risks of getting cancer.

To Conclude:barbequed food, over cooked meat and most meats cooked at high temperatures are potentially carcinogenic.

Traditional Sweets

Number three on this list takes another painful swipe at the average Pakistani. Of course I am talking about sugar. From our 500 cups of chai or doodh-pati with 400 teaspoons of white sugar to our methaa-ees such as gulab-jamuns, cham-chams, barfis, kulfis, jalabeez and so on are extremely high in sugar and hence increase the carcinogenic properties of our everyday food intake. So the next time you reach for the largest gulab-jamun in the bowl, think twice.

Number four and five on the list are somewhat related in my mind; these are high salt intake with spicy foods and soft drinks. I don’t know about you but every time I am eating something spicy and salty such as a tikka or a biryani the first thing I reach for is a soft drink. Water just doesn’t complement spicy foods the same way in which that first sip of soft drink one takes after consuming an overly spicy chicken leg, fry kebab or nihari it is utterly blissful. We as a nation eat a lot of spicy food. Everything has more “mirch-masala” than is strictly necessary and then atop that we complement it with gallons of soft drinks. The two do not only go hand in hand with each other on a dining table but, together, put you at a high risk for cancer.


Number six on the list is trans fat. This does not affect just us more than others but is the same globally. Trans fat is contained in almost all forms of junk food including chips, fries, drinks and almost any kind of “snack food.” so the next time you want a snack reach for an apple instead.

Artificial Sweeteners

Number seven is artificial sweeteners. I am aware that I have just told you not to consume sugar and am now annexing your biggest alternative, but I am not trying to make your life not worth living, I am just asking you to be careful. Use honey as a substitute for sugar!

Alcohol Consumption

Number eight is excessive alcohol consumption, one we don’t really have to worry about living in the Islamic republic of Pakistan, where sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are illegal.

Farm-Raised Fish

Number ten on the list is farm-raised fish. With the current monsoon season and growth in the fish export market it is one that we should also be thinking about. The fish on these farms are raised under controlled and in many ways artificial, environments and many times given growth hormones. So the next time you want to be healthy and consume fish instead of red meat make sure it comes out of the sea and not some businessman’s back yard farm!

To conclude all I can really say is that one can enjoy all the foods they want but to keep this list of ten potentially cancerous foods in mind and try and limit their intake.

Important Note: The articles are presented and provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Saloni™ Health and Beauty Supply. They should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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