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Complete Makeup Kit for Teenagers /College Girls

Posted by styleandstylee on

School girls face exceptional difficulties with regards to cosmetics: we have to get prepared in a rush, need to look common however pretty, yet at the same time adoration to play around with cosmetics!

In what manner would you be able to make a look that is pretty, however not exaggerated? What's suitable for school, in any case? These inquiries and furthermore will be replied. Today I'm going to discuss daytime cosmetics for school, a beauty care for when you're going to class, work, and simply hanging out around campus.

I have arranged a complete list of products which each girl needs in her makeup kit. So let’s take a review of complete makeup kit.

Products for face makeover:


Never ever forget your sunscreen and sunblock when going out anywhere as it protects your skin from ultra violet rays.

My Recommendations:



To minimize open pores and to seal oil in the skin this is a step you can skip if your skin is naturally flawless, yet in the event that you have any blemishes, it’s an astonishing item that will make your skin look astounding.

My Recommendations:


Spreads everything, looks totally regular, and is not difficult to use. It is for quite a long time when you have to look impeccable and need a full coverage cosmetic for the whole day.

My Recommendations:


For those days when you wake up with a zit or didn't get enough sleep. My recommendations are Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste for the under-eye area and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick for blemish coverage.

My Recommendations:

Compact Powder:

To set your base or foundation in place and to keep your skin oil free, it can be effectively carried for touch ups in the whole day you spend in your college.

My Recommendations:




To give your cheeks a clue of color and to shape your face this is quite good cosmetic which you must have in your cosmetic bag. A swipe of color on your cheeks is common and makes them to glow and sparkle.

My Recommendations:




My Recommendations:




Pencil Eyeliner:

It’s perfect to define, shape and line your eyes when going to college. Pencil eyeliners provide very simpler and quicker application than liquid and gel liners. Shaded liners add a decent touch to the face and are girly.

My Recommendations:


Dark or black mascara is a key for an ordinary look. It's the fastest approach to make your eyes pop.

My Recommendations:


Eyebrow Pencil:

A characterized eyebrow is vital for securing a Smokey-eye look and highlights the common features of your face.

My Recommendations:


 Lip liner:

It is the basic cosmetic product to define your lips and to keep your lipstick from dying during the college routine days.

My Recommendations:

Lip Gloss 

Glosses are the acceptable replicas over lipsticks for college girls. It gives a sheer, pretty look and are very much easier to apply on lips than a lipstick. A swipe of gloss is the ideal completing touch for any look.


My Recommendations:


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