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Dangerness of Dhaba Food

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Dhabas, khokas and hotels are not just where the average Pakistani eats but are also the source of some of the best local food in the country. Sure, you can get a great burger, pizza or fettuccini in many different upscale restaurants but to experience true Pakistani food one must hit the roadsides. While these dhabas have more or less the same menu across the board they vary in things like spiciness, kind of meat (chicken or beef) and importantly in the kind of naan you get there.

To begin looking at the dangers of street food and food in general in Karachi. Now that we have looked at the legal precedence let us question the possible dangers of consuming street food.

How can someone come into contact with food or water-borne bacteria?

Food-or water-borne illnesses are not spread from casual contact with another person. A person can come into contact with food-or water-borne bacteria by eating or drinking something that has bacteria in it.

What happens if someone gets sick from food-or- water-borne bacteria?

Most infections with food and water-borne bacteria cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever and stomach cramps. Each bacterium produces other symptoms, such as:
Salmonella:Bloody diarrhea, fever, headache, lack of energy.
Shigella:Blood or mucus in the stool.
E.coli:Bloody diarrhea. Some people (2-7 percent) may develop a syndrome (hemolytic uremic syndromes-HUS) that results in the destruction of red blood cells and kidney problems. HUS is more common in children than adults. About 3 to 5 percent of those who develop HUS may die.
C.parvum:Watery diarrhea, crampy stomach pain.
Cholera:About 5 percent of people who come into contact with cholera may develop severe diarrhea, vomiting and leg cramps.

What is the treatment for food and water-borne illnesses?

Prevention of illness after contact:None
Treatment of illness:Care at home includes plenty of fluids and medicine such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to control fever and pain. Seriously ill people may need to go to a hospital for intravenous fluids and further evaluation and treatment.

Other home remedies include consuming 3-4 bananas a day, drinking salt rich drinks such as O.R.S and two glasses of isphagol’s dry husk mixed in room temperature water. All these diseases can be caught through consuming contaminated food and drinks, but fears not-there are a few things one can stay away from to be on the safe side. Dhabas are known for their great service, which includes a side-salad with all meals as a standard. This salad one should be wary of, due to the fact that the water used to wash these vegetables is usually not clean and, since the salads are not cooked, the bacteria can easily survive within the salads for a long period of time. Additionally, when eating at a dhaba one should refrain from consuming the tepid water they provides in jugs and instead order bottled water if possible.

Junk food such as chicken rolls can also be an avenue from which one should stay away. There are two main reasons for this; the chicken in chicken rolls must be cooked fully to prevent severe food poisoning and the revered garlic-mayo roll should be kept at an arm’s length because the mayo they use in these rolls is made in store and its major component is raw eggs. These raw eggs and chicken is a major vessel for salmonella bacterium.

All this said, that to taste true Pakistani food one must eat at a dhaba, preferably one that is usually full of people as this will ensure that the food being served there is not stored for a long period of time and is being consumed at a fast pace. A full restaurant is a safe restaurant. Foods mainly “go bad” due to bad storage, thus eating in a restaurant that is empty at lunch or dinner time is a bad idea. Because dhabas provide a cheap and phenomenal meal to the average Pakistani, they usually all have a high turn-over. It is this turn-over and massive amounts of clientele that ensure that the dhaba provides fresh food that is bacteria-free. If they did not, they would lose all their clientele to the next best dhaba, therefore they cannot afford to get people sick. Eating at an empty 5* (five star) hotel is probably more likely to make one sick as opposed to a much cheaper, tastier and busier alternative; the dhaba.

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