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Different Myths Related to Skin Care – Saloni Gossip Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Being a girl, it is very important for one to take care of her skin. Girls do many itself creative stuff which style them look more beautiful. However, there are some myths can also be seen related to the skin care issues which are commonly observed by young girls. Some of these myths are discussed below:

Skin Tanning:

Girls believe that skin tanning is safe until you are exposed to UVB rays. It is one of the very darkest myths. When you go out your skin is exposed to the UVA rays which can cause severe damage to your skin. This can also lead to skin cancer or premature aging issues as well.

Sunscreen in Clouds:

Another myth which states that in cloudy atmosphere you don’t need to put a sunscreen. UV rays reach the earth every day even in the cloudy day. Thus one has to make sure that they use sunscreen every day to protect their skin for any serious issues.

Scrubbing Face:

To keep your skin healthy and acne free, scrub your face. This myth can really damage your skin because with scrubbing you are taking off the protective layer of skin barriers. This can lead down one to have skin rashes and skin burns as well.

Popping Out Pimples:

It’s good to pop out the pimples. The fact is that popping out the pimples can lead the pus to go deeper. It can lead to leave a scar on your skin or it might be spread under your skin, causing more serious damage to your skin.

Expensive is Best:

Another skin care myth that really puts you in danger as expensive products are the best. Women use to believe that if they are going to buy expensive products, it will work best for their skin. Actually it is not true; sometimes the expensive products might not be useful for you as they are not worth full for your particular skin type.

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