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Eye Make Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

People believe that being a girl if you are wearing glasses, you can’t do eye makeup. Or if you will do eye makeup it will not be prominent due to your glasses. These are all just old myths as now you can do eye make even wearing glasses as well. Below mention tips will help you to do eye make with glasses.

  • It doesn’t matter what type of eyes you have, always try to choose something which will be prominent.
  • You can use a navy blue liner instead of black liner. This will make your eyes prominent as this will help to brighten up your eyes as well. It will also give you a cool and trendy look.

  • For night parties, you should smudge the linear with warm color like deep plum instead of using the eye shadows. This will make your eyes look smoky. While, if you use eye shadows this will make your eyes look heavier which will not suit one in glasses.
  • Glasses commonly leave redness around your nose and one also has marks on their nose as well. To get rid of these you can simply use a moisturizer.

  • Using eyelash curler will help to protect your lashes being hit on your glasses. But before you use curler, apply mascara on your lasher. However, you have to make sure that you will put it on the roots only.
  • Sometimes glasses might highlight your dark circles. So, it becomes very important that when you are doing makeup, you must hide them as well. For hiding those circles around your eyes, you can use concealer. This will help to even the complication around eyes.
  • Another thing which you need to take care of is your lipstick. When you are wearing glasses one must choose bright colors. This will help to highlight your beauty and will suit best with glasses.

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