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Herbal Whitening Facial at Home

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In this modern world we all women want soft, glowing and delicate skin and we undergo with different beauty treatments and use skin whitening creams. Once a month or twice we go for whitening facial. Do you know we can do herbal whitening facial at home too? Yes off course very easily because you can find all ingredients in your kitchen cabinet. I prefer doing herbal facial at home and get fresh and glowing skin without any worries because I have sensitive skin and some times facial from salon leaves acne on my face, so I am very much conscious in this matter.

On the other side if we look to working women. Their busy life keeps them out of house for most part of the day and they expose themselves to the harmful effects of the sun. This process dulls their complexion and off course all women want to retrieve the fair color. Due to the presence of natural ingredients this herbal whitening facial works the best without leaving any side effect.

Things you Need for Herbal Facial





Head band


Bowl of water

Cover your Head

Tie a band on your head to cover it from front side.

Rice Flour Cleanser

The first step of facial is massage with cleanser to remove impurities and dirt form face. For making herbal cleanser mix together rice flour with honey or milk into a thick paste. If you don’t have rice flour then grinds a handful of uncooked rice into powder. Apply this thick paste on your face and allow to stay for 20 minutes then wet your hands and gently massage around 5 minutes and rinse off. This rice cleanser is best for all skin types.

Another homemade cleanser can be made with milk/cream and lemon. For making mix lemon juice in sufficient amount of milk/cream then apply on face and gently massage in circler motion and wipe off with damp sponge.

Gram Flour Scrub

Make a scrub by adding 2 tbsp gram flour, ¼ tsp cream, ¼ tsp lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Spread this paste over all your face and neck. Start scrubbing from neck and gently move to your face and forehead. Scrub nearly 5 minutes and clean face with wet sponge.

Almond Mask

For making home made mask you need to soak almonds in water for whole night. In the morning blend almonds with milk to make a thick smooth paste. Apply this paste on face and leave for 15-20 minutes to dry then wash with normal water.

Rose Water Toner

Now at the end dab cotton in rose water and apply all over your face.

You will find a noticeable difference after doing herbal facial.

If you find it difficult to make cleanser, mask and scrub at home then I will recommend you to go for herbal products. You can buy them at home like I do by visiting famous products are listed below

Blesso Whitening Facial Herbal Scrub

HB-11 Whitening Herbal Massage Cream

Mod Girl Herbal Creme Bleach for Acne and Whole Body

SkinVita Whitening Facial Herbal Mud Mask

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