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How to Fight with Hair Fall Problem Intelligently?

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Hair fall can be very problematic for any of us because it directly effects on our beauty as well as on one’s self-esteem. Most commonly girls report to have hair fall issues on different stages. Due to lingering hair fall problems they start using different products and yet it is not much helpful. Here are some homemade remedies from Saloni which can be very useful for girls who face hair fall problems and cannot do anything accept wait for something good to happen.

These homemade remedies are also very worthwhile because Saloni experts have gathered all the natural ways to fight against your hair fall problem. If you are facing the hair fall problem, you definitely need to consider the causes of it. Either it is due to lack of vitamins, pregnancy, any medical disorder or reaction of different medication. However, the below mention remedies can be very useful in all the situations.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk:

Coconut milk is a common ingredient found in our kitchens. It can be very useful for hair because it contains a lot of nourishment that will help to stop hair fall. Massage hair with coconut oil regularly and you will see results in just couple of weeks.

Hot Oil Massage

Hot Oil Massage:

Hot oil massage can be really nourishing for your scalp. If you have hair fall problem, it is suggested that you should massage hot oil on the scalp for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Trying this after few weeks will help you to see the effect as your hair fall will start to decrease immediately.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel is considered very effective to stop hair fall. If you apply the aloe gel on your scalp and then leave it for few hours. Later wash your hair with warm water. Applying aloe gel for few weeks will help you to see the best result.



Yogurt is very beneficial ingredient especially for your hair as it is considered one of the best conditioner by hair experts. It is also best for your hair nourishment. Take an egg and mix it in yogurt, after making the mixture, apply this mixture on your hair. Leave it for 1 hour and then wash it off. You can apply this twice a week for more better results.

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