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How to Get Rid of Pimples: Dermatologist Tips for Clear Skin

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Getting rid of acne is everybody’s dream. From beauty experts to skin specialist doctors (dermatologists), all agree on the same very notion that some point of time, many young boys and girls find themselves suffering from pimples due to various reasons including stress and unhygienic cleaning ways.

However, after talking to Dr. Whitney Bowe, who is a board-certified New York dermatologist, we have listed down some very important ways for our readers, as following these ways, we will certainly get better ideas to know about how to get rid of pimples.

Beauty High: What are some of the causes of pimples that we don’t typically think of?


According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, diet could also affect the skin in a very bad manner. There are food items which could make acne worse. Usually refined carbohydrates have certain ingredients that could result in acne issues.


Stress also flares up acne. Our brain and skin are closely interlinked with various tissues and muscles while stress inflict destruction on the skin.

Playing Sports: 

Playing certain sports can also cause acne. For example, friction in contradiction of a baseball cap with skin and women sports bra could lead to acne exacerbations.

Which kinds of ingredients should those with acne look for in cleansing products?

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are considered to be very effective in clearing acne. According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, use of benzoyl peroxide twice a week with exfoliating cleanser will help you fight against pimples.

What are some habits we should stop so we can get rid of acne? 

Dr. Bowe says, don’t touch your pimples at any cost. If you are touching your acne, its possible that acne marks could turn like dark red or brown which look quite ugly. However, applying a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide is a good idea to avoid turning these acne marks into red or brown.

How can you treat acne scars? 

Acne marks can be cured efficiently with laser called Fraxel. Go to your doctor as he could give you injections with a substance called hyaluronic acid for a more effective treatment.

How often should you be washing your face?

This should be an important part of your daily routine. Wash face twice a day and you will see how effective this habit is proving for you in the long run.

Are cleansing brushes okay to use? We hear they can hold onto dirt, and essentially buff the dirt into your face, clogging pores:

Dr. Bowe says, its right that cleaning brushes hold onto dust, and basically buff the dirt into your face, blocking pores which eventually lead to cause pimples. Always try to preserve your cleaning equipment and especially cleaning brush heads should be bacteria free.

How can you get rid of the redness in a pimple? 

With spot treatment using benzoyl peroxide, you will see it dries up the red pimple and eventually you could get a clear soothing face.

Is it okay to pop a pimple at home?

Popping pimples is not a good idea at all. It could lead to acne marks and scars for longer periods.

What’s the best course of action for blackheads?

Salicylic acid and with Retinol along with RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum, you could see that your blackheads issue is also resolving. However, even after using this formula, visit your dermatologist for mild removals.

What’s the best course of action for cystic acne?

 According to Dr. Bowe, oral antibiotics and hormonal medications could work well in such conditions.

Are there any products you should stay away from (whether it be makeup, face products, etc.)? 

Dr. Bowe suggests that its true that certain makeup products have mixture of alcohol which badly effect your skin making it more rough which eventually cause pimples.

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