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How to Get Rid of Underarm Odor

Posted by beautytipsbank on

Underarm odor can be embarrassing moreover it can cause problems in social and professional relationships. Body odor caused by perspiration; when sweat mixed with bacteria it makes the unpleasant smell.

Having problems with smelly sweaty underarms? You need something that really works for you. Read this article to eliminate the underarm odor and build confidence.

Clean Armpits

Try to clean armpits with soap and water daily, this will eliminate smell of sweat and bacteria. Use anti bacterial soap for best result.

Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water is best and cheap remedy for avoid disgusting smell of armpits, especially drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach is best.


After taking your bath, add 1 tbsp honey in warm water for the final rinse. This remedy also helps to reduce body odor.

Use Baking Soda

Put equal quantity of baking powder and corn starch in a powder bottle and shake under your arm. You can also add powdered smell in it for fragrance. This remedy works magic.

Rose Water

Adding rose water in your bath tub really works great. When you are going to take bath, add a few drops of rose water in water. Amazing fragrance of rose water keep your body fresh and fragrant for a long time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar to control underarm odor. Apple cider vinegar reduces pH of skin and eliminate odor. Add vinegar in a glass and use to rinse underarm while bathing.

Use Homemade Deodorant

Make your homemade deodorant by using radish and glycerin. Mix 1 glass radish juice with 1/4 cup glycerin. Pour prepared liquid in a spray bottle and use to tackle underarm odor.

Mint Water

Mint is refreshing and calming qualities. Add mint in water and add it in bath water tub and take bath.

How to Prevent Underarm Odor

  • Eat healthy foods that contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.
  • Avoid eating processed food as it causes body odor.
  • Avoid stress, studies shows stress is also a reason of odor.
  • Add radish in your daily menu.
  • Quite drinking tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks.
  • Trim underarm hair

Last but not least, one thing that works amazingly for me isNivea underarm roll on. I am one of the avid users of deodorants and body mists as these works best for me and keep me fresh the whole day. I have used many deodorants from different brands and finally I found Nivea best for me. Nivea has a vast range of deodorants that you can use according to your requirement.

What the Nivea Products Say

Different Niveadeodorantsproducts are designed for different situations, but one thing is common alldeodorants have a refreshing smell that eliminates the armpit odor.

Nivea Stress Protect Roll-On:In our daily life we are often facing stressful situations. Stress causes sweating that creates unpleasant body odour. NIVEA Stress Protect Roll-on is scientifically proven to protect also against stress sweating. It is a unique antibacterial formula combines two ingredients - Stress Protect actives and a Zinc complex that helps to overcomes smell of sweat.

Ingredients:Aqua, Alcohol Denate, Alumi-num, Chloronydrate, PEG-8, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Parfum, Silver Citrate, Coumari, Eugenol

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant:As you must know Nivea is a world wide famous skin brand. Nivea production team knows how to fulfill requirement of their customers.Nivea Pearl & Beauty Gentle Care Deodorant is particularly made to give you stern care and reliable anti-perspirant protection whole day. This is my favorite deodorant that I will suggest you to buy.

Ingredients:Aqua, Aluminum Chloronydrate, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Steareth-2, Steareth-21, Parfum, Hydrolyzed Pearl

New Nivea Natural Fairness Roll-On Deodorant:In this formula Nivea introducesAvocado and Licorice to enhance skin fairness. I suggested my friend to use New Nivea Natural Fairness Roll-On Deodorant for a fair armpit skin and amazingly she got superb result in just 2 weeks. It provides 48-hour deodorant protection, fairer & smoother underarms.

The key benefit of this formula is to repair your skin fair and makes it even tone. As a result no dark spot and fairer and smoother underarm with 48 hours gentle care and long lasting fragrance.

Ingredients:Licorice, Avocado Extracts & Witch Hazel

Nivea Happy Time Roll-On Deodorant:This excellent deodorant gives you 24 hours gentle care protection withbamboo extract and orange scent fragrance.Nivea Happy Time Roll-On Deodorant is especially formulated for women.

Ingredients:Bamboo Extract and Orange Scent

Nivea Men Cool Kick Deodorant:Nivea For Men Cool Kick Roll-On provides 48 hours confidence and freshness of body. My brother is a big admire of this deodorant.

How to Use Deodorant

Apply directly underarm skin

Roll lightly on underarm skin and allow drying completely

Avoid using if your skin is broken or irritated

Price:All deodorant available at Rs320 for 50 ML. Deodorant prices are very much reasonable which everyone can easily afford.

Package:Nivea Roll-Ondeodorants come in a beautiful bottle with a wide plastic roll on and screw cap.

Shelf Life:Nivea Roll-Ondeodorant can be used for 2 years.

Experience withNivea Roll-OnDeodorant

I brought two differentNivea Roll-Ondeodorants last month for myself and one for my brother and I am using them on regular basis without any problem and same goes with my brother. It gives me calm, soothing and freshness all day long. My armpits was truing to a little blackish and now with the use of New Nivea Natural Fairness Roll-On Deodorant my skin is repaired and I got fairness back :D. I roll the bottle 2-3 times evenly on the underarm area and allow drying for a minute then dressed up. One thing I would like to mention here and I always remember to wash underarms before going to bed because as anti-perspirants clog the pores of your skin to reduce the secretion of sweat particles.

Pros of the Nivea Roll-On Deodorant

Stress Protect actives and a Zinc complex helps to overcomes smell of sweat

Anti-perspirant protection whole day

Presence of licorice makes skin white

Give you soft fragrance all day long

Cons of the Nivea Roll-On Deodorant

Ingredient list is again loaded with chemicals of every possible group

Final Verdict: As I am using these roll-on since a month and these will be in my kit in future because it gives me the perfectly result that I was looking for. I also suggest other people to buy it as I didn’t face any issue by using them.

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