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How To Have a Baby Soft Face

Posted by Makeup Expert on

If your skin is uneven, coarse or bumpy and most importantly dry to touch, you could well need proper attention to get a soothing soft baby like skin for a fresher and attractive appearance. Following our experts below few simple steps would certainly help you get baby soft skin in no time.

Wear a Head Band:

First, you need to put on a head band. Head band will help you to keep all hair out of your face.

Wash Hands:

Wash hands thoroughly before touching your face.

Use a Dove Cream Bar: 

Dove cream bar is considered one of the best soaps which has few chemicals usage. It helps you get soft and clean skin. Before applying soap on face, make little white bubble soap mask using your both hands. Now apply on your face and leave it for two minutes.

Caressing Little Harder:

Caressing little harder with your finger especially greasy areas of your face particularly around sides of nose is a good practice.

Washing Soap with Hot Water: 

Wash out soap with hot water that will help clean pores from inside. After washing with hot water, now wash face with cold water to get a fresh cool sensation. Always remember, hot and then cold water.

Dry Face with Soft Towel: 

After cleaning face with cold water, now dry it with soft towel. Sometimes, hard towel could cause various rashes on skin so to avoid any type of trouble, always use a soft towel.

Scrubbing with Brown Sugar:

Scrubbing with brown sugar is a good idea to get a soft clean skin with no time. You can also use olive oil in brown sugar to boost the effectiveness of this homemade scrub. Applying this scrub on your face once a week would certainly increase its liveliness and smoothness.

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