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How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles?

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Working out till late night can result in puffy eyes and dark circle. It will damage your beauty and make you look dull, tired and older. Thus it is very important for you to get over this issues or else it will keep damaging your skin. That is not really good. To reduce the puffy eyes and dark circle you have to apply different tricks which can work best for you.

Use Hemorrhoid Cream

Use Hemorrhoid Cream:

Women who work till late night usually use this cream. It will help to reduce the puffiness of their eyes and also reduce the dark circles. You can use this cream along with a moisturizer.

Natural Tea

Natural Tea:

Natural tea can be very helpful reducing puffy eyes and dark circles. Take two tea bags of green tea, soak them in warm water and let them cool for few minutes. You can also put them in refrigerator and then apply it one your eyes. It will help you to feel fresh and active.

Using Avocado

Using Avocado:

According to beauty experts, Avocado can help to fight back the dark circle problem. Make a paste of avocado along with ground almonds. Then apply this paste to your eyes and it will help to lighten the dark circles, for sure.

Use Spoons to boost Yourself Up

Use Spoons to boost Yourself Up:

Take metal spoon and put them in cold water. Then put these spoons on your eyes for 1 minute. It will also help you to revive your tired eyes and fill you up with new energy.

Cucumber is very useful for dark circles

Cucumber is very useful for dark circles:

Yes! Cucumber is considered very useful for dark circles. It will help to cool down your eyes and make them brighter and refresh as well. You can cut down the slices of cucumber and then apply it on your eyes for 30 minutes. Make a routine and you will see results yourself.

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