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Importance of Exercise in Ramadan

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Many people try avoiding doing exercise in the holy month of Ramadan. As they don’t realize that in this particular month, exercise could provide them with double benefits. The first reason of this fact is the stiff schedule of sehri and aftaari. It makes also sense that you are also eating properly and on time every-day for the whole month and this very routine benefits you in various matters especially if you also exercise daily with a proper routine. In this article, we will try to explain our readers few valuable things about doing exercise in the holy month of Ramadan and why it is highly recommended by medical and natural health experts.

The True Important of Exercise in Ramadan:

Many doctors and health experts agree on the notion that exercise is all about making a good routine of daily workout schedule. And if you don’t follow the right schedule for exercise, you will get no benefit at all. Its all about your daily commitment to remain in shape. However if you don’t exercise even for single month, you could lose all the benefits which you have gained in the previous month while doing any type of workout. So it is very important for you to not to break the chain even in the month of Ramadan. Yes, you can lower the amount of exercise time but abandoning it for the whole month is not a good idea at all.

How Much Exercise During Ramadan:

As we explained above, you just need to determine how much time you need to exercise during Ramadan. Its not difficult to determine, because you should always know that how much time you were spending in the routine months. Once you get it right, you can say, decrease exercise time at-least 35% to 40% in Ramadan from the normal time you were giving in routine months.

Do not Exercise if you are Not Feeing Good:

It is also important to know that exercise could be little dangerous if you are suffering from any serious diseases or medical impairment. Take little rest until you feel good again and then start your exercise routine as it will also provide you slight boost to overcome your late illness.

For People who Suffer from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure:

People who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure also need to exercise in Ramadan. It is advised that people with diabetes and people who suffer from high blood pressure should exercise daily. However they can walk slowly as brisk walk could put them in slight danger due to their health condition and extreme weather conditions.

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