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Know What Beauty Experts Say To Keep Up Your Beauty Standards (Part 2)

Posted by Saloni Editorial Head (Umair Hassan) on

Get to know about some important grooming wisdom from some of the top beauty experts.

Tinting Tips of Lashes:

"One of my personal favorites is to tint the tips of lashes with a nontoxic black Sharpie, especially in the summer when the tips of lashes seem to bleach out or fade from sun and chlorine. Gently and carefully brush over the tips of lashes to darken them without adding any bulk or stickiness. Lashes look darker and longer and super natural with no mascara!"

—Troy Surratt, makeup artist

High Voluminous Lashes:

"Want sky-high voluminous lashes? Here’s my insider trick. When applying mascara, I like to use a playing card as a guide. It sounds crazy. But trust me, it works! First, cut an arc in the card. Then place it against your eyelid so that the cutout portion is against your lash line and your lashes are in front of the card. This trick allows you to add some major oomph to volumize your lashes without creating a mess and getting mascara onto your lids! Next hold the wand vertically against your bottom lashes and sweep mascara onto your lower and inner lashes. Lastly, using a clean spoolie brush with soft bristles, comb through to separate the lashes without clumping your mascara, and direct those luscious lashes exactly where you want them to be."

—Mally Roncal, makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty

Heavy Layer of Vaseline:

"Put a heavy layer of Vaseline around the eyes when flying, and keep the dark sunglasses on. This will keep eyes hydrated on long flights. Just remember to blend before landing."

—Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist and Giorgio Armani Beauty Face Designer

Blending Eye Shadows:

"The secret to perfectly blending eye shadows is to prep lids with loose powder first. This will allow the colors you place on top blend smoothly and flawlessly."

—Janice Daoud, NARS National Makeup Stylist

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