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Know What Beauty Experts Say To Keep Up Your Beauty Standards (Part 3)

Posted by Saloni Editorial Head (Umair Hassan) on

Get to know about some important grooming wisdom from some of the top beauty experts.

Curled Lashes:

"I am a huge fan of beautifully curled lashes and I have several heated eyelash curlers from ones I special order from Japan to the wonderful Dior heated curler. But if my battery wears out in these curlers and I still want the heated effect, I take my regular eyelash curler and heat it with a blow-dryer for about five seconds. Test the curler on your hand before using it on your eye. The heat acts like a curling iron on your eyelash hairs and gives even the straightest lashes staying power. But remember, use waterproof mascara first before using a heated curler of any type. This works to help keep the curl. It's like hair spraying your hair before using a curling iron."

—Cynthia Rose, makeup artist

Starting with the Bottom Lashes:

"When putting mascara on, start with the bottom lashes. Most people put mascara on their top lashes first, and then tilt their head down to do the bottom ones. The problem is usually the mascara isn't quite dry yet and you end up with little black dots all over your beautifully applied eye shadow. Doing it in reverse order assures a mess-proof application."

—Raychel Wade, makeup artist and La Prairie Colour Ambassador

Extra Volume:

"To add extra volume and drama to eyelashes you have to start off by curling them. Then apply a coat of mascara to each eye, and add a light layer of loose powder using a brush across the entire top and bottom lashes. Give it a few seconds and apply a second layer of mascara. Repeat these steps until you achieve your desired effect."

—Niko Lopez, NARS National Makeup Stylist

Mascara Wearing Technique:

"Powdering the eyelashes prior to applying mascara helps mascara to go on in a more feathery, nonclumpy way."

—Maureen Shields, makeup artist, Giorgio Armani Beauty

Solve Mascara Smudging:

"Having trouble with mascara smudging and flaking, but you don't want to damage your delicate lashes with waterproof mascara every day? Many women put a clear coat over their manicure to protect it. Why not do the same with your mascara? Let you favorite mascara dry completely, and then put a coat of clear mascara over the top. This simple extra step will eliminate flakes, and your mascara won't budge or smudge until you take it off!"

—Kevin James Bennett, makeup artist

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