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New Night Creams Trend in Pakistan

Posted by beautytipsbank on

If we look in the fashion world we found that Pakistan is a bit behind in fashion as compare to western countries. In other countries fashion keeps on changing regularly bringing new trends and looks. Pakistan is also trying to cope up with the fashion world by take along new trends. A recent trend that originate this summer is the use of night creams. Night creams were not very in before but increased demand for night creams is a real example of its popularity. The main difference between day and night creams is that day creams are SPF (sun protection factor) protected and light while night creams are anti-ageing and are greasy. Let’s have a look on facts related with night creams.

How to Select a Night Cream:

First of all you should know that which night cream you ought to go for. The factors you have to see while selecting a night cream are; it should be dehydrating because it is essential for the regeneration of skin at night. Your night cream must also include the aspects of anti-aging, moisturizing, and quick damage repair like retinoil, amino acid, collagen, cremidies, vitamins etc.

The other important thing is your skin type. If your skin type is sensitive that you should select a cream with mild formula with healthy ingredients like cucumber, tea tree, neem and aloe vera. If you got an oily skin then choose the one which is free of oil and if you bear a dry skin then select a night cream which is moisturizing.

Why Use a Night Cream:

The outcomes of night creams are so worthy that everyone should go for night creams. A good night cream reduce wrinkles, spots, help in dehydration and massaging by revitalization of skin which in turn make the complexion fair, glowing and attractive.

Night Creams that are Used in Pakistan:

The night creams that are being used in Pakistan are the following. These creams do all the important aspects of a useful night cream. The famous night creams those are in trend are mentioned below

Janssen Cosmetics White Secrets Brightening Night Restore

Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream

Pond's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream

Olay Natural White Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

L'oreal Paris Collagen Re-Plumper with Collagen Night Cream

My Experience with Night Cream

There are two night creams that I am enjoying using right now and they areCute Plus White Series Brightening Night RestoreandPond's Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment. I feel relax and calm when apply them on my skin moreover these creams are giving me good moisturizing treatment that helps to make my skin soft.

Hope that this article will help you to choose a right night with maximum benefits.

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