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Nivea Visage Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Nivea Visage EXTRA Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Nivea Visage Extra delicate Eye Make-up Remover has been particularly created for the touchy range around the eyes. This is the best eye cosmetics remover I've ever utilized. It tenderly evacuates mascara without leaving any oily buildups. Its gentle definition with Pro Vitamin B 5 delicately hydrates the fragile eye zone.

Uses according to skin types:

It is decent in view of its tenderness and doesn't leave the oily feeling and did not chafe my eyes. At the same time extraordinary for light cosmetics, much else and you need something stronger. When skin is cosmetics free, the skin's surface feels delicate, smooth and clean without feeling dry or disturbed, making it perfect for touchy skin sorts.

Price: ₨ 550 PKR

Package: Bottle (it's perfect for travelling :)

Benefits and my opinion:

When I utilize this item to uproot my mascara it feels like just about nothing at all is touching my eyes. Mascara effectively goes away and my ayes feel completely the same as they were before I even touched them.

The nature of the item is simply extraordinary and value is really sensible. That is very nearly astounding to me. I attempted such a variety of various types, and diverse brands, yet I never could say that it is great. It is pleasant due to its delicacy and doesn't leave the oily feeling and did not chafe my eyes. However it is incredible for light cosmetics.

Thank you, hope it was helpful!:)


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