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Professionals Share their Top Beauty Advices – Part 2

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Beauty surely is a distinctive characteristic of an individual that delivers a perceptual appearance either with pleasure or satisfaction. On a more factually and more customary way, experts define beauty as a part of discrete aesthetics and often called an entity which is well-liked, or holds features widely credited to splendor in a specific culture.

Considering beauty related attributions, we have gathered best tips from some of the renowned beauty experts for your inclination which they received from their grandmothers and conceivably you should ponder putting these tips in action yourself to get more perfect looks.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

“Always moisturize both your face and your nails and cuticles. My grandmother uses Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Lotion and says ‘if it’s good for babies’ skin, it’s good for my skin.”

— Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, owner of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City

Make Your Cleansing Count

“One of the skin care tips my grandmother gave me that I still use to this day is how to maximize the benefits of your face cleanser. Start off with warm water to open up the pores for a deep cleanse, then finish with a cold water rinse to tighten up the pores again to lock in all of the nutrients and reduce the appearance of large pores for maximum radiance.”

— Kat Burki, founder and CEO of Kat Burki Skincare


Don’t Go Dry

“My grandma taught me not to completely dry my face and body after the shower. She lightly pats off the drips and lets the moisture absorb into her skin. She also carries a spray bottle of rose water and glycerin and if she feels her skin getting dry she gives her face a quick spray. This tip isn’t best for everyone, as it feels a bit sticky and can alter makeup, but I use it when I am on airplanes and it works amazingly to keep my skin from getting too dry.”

— Celebrity makeup artist Lindsey Rivera, who’s worked with Alanis Morisette and Kevin Hart

Stay Out of the Sun

“My grandmother was from Mexico and she always wore loads of sunscreen, which was unusual for that time period. Most people would be tanning poolside, but she was always in the shade with big sunglasses and a hat. She actually looked like an older version of Sofia Loren!”

— Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection

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