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Saloni Shares Top Beauty Tips for Women from World’s Best Beauty Experts – Part 3

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Saloni experts share best beauty tips for you from world’s best beauty experts in one feature.

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Blending Glossy Shadow:

"I combine dark shades, like metallic brown, deep green or vibrant blue, with a creamy luminizer on the back of my hand to create a gorgeous, subtly glossy version that looks pretty both day and night."

—Alexandra Spunt, No More Dirty Looks

Blending Glossy Shadow


Swirl on Blush:

"I spin my brush in small, light circles from my cheekbone to my hairline. This trick gives a flawless, airbrushed look."

—Allison Kratzer

Swirl on Blush

Allison Kratzer

Removing Makeup:

"After I douse a cotton pad with my regular makeup remover, I add a bit of coconut oil and apply it to my closed eye. It helps break up the makeup, so it slides off with more ease."

—Julie Gutierrez, YouTube vlogger

Removing Makeup

Julie Gutierrez, YouTube vlogger

Blush for Lasting Color:

"Eye shadow works, too, to give lipstick longer-lasting wear and a unique matte finish. Just make sure it matches your lip shade."

—Alexis Wolfer, The Beauty Bean

Blush for Lasting Color

Alexis Wolfer, The Beauty Bean

Lashes for Volume:

"Before applying mascara, place a business card or index card behind your lashes to cover your lid. Starting at the roots, swipe mascara all the way to the tip. You can really let the wand fly so it lengthens without making a mess—the mascara will just hit the card! Your lashes will go from barely-there to full and thick in seconds."

—Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot

Lashes for Volume

Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot

Frizz-Free Hair:

"After I towel-dry my hair, I work a dime-size drop of leave-in conditioner through and then just leave it alone. Most curlies make the mistake of over-touching their hair when it's drying, which can disturb the curl pattern and bring on frizz."

—Alexandra Spunt

Frizz-Free Hair

Alexandra Spunt

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