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Splendor Tips to Make Your Smile Look Brighter

Posted by Health&Beauty Expert on

Everybody likes smiling face and if your smile is not as cheerful as you would want, indeed its quite painful. Understanding your level of pain, we spoke to some of the leading beauty and personality development experts and gathered important tips for you on making smile look more sparkling and brighter.

Berry Colored Lipstick:
Considering the importance of lipsticks especially for young girls, beauty experts suggest that lipsticks with yellow undertones somehow gives darker outlooks. Bluemercury CEO Marla Malcolm Beck advises that always wear color that matches your skin tone. For instance, colors with blue undertones instead, will make your teeth appear whiter and cheerful yet brighter.

Highlighting Lips:
By highlighting you lips, makeup artist, Annie Mayo, founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup, says, "This makes your lips appear fuller and makes your teeth seem whiter in contrast to your lip color." A good lip liner will work fine and gloss around the lips will make them brighter and exotic.

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow:
"Opt for cooler shades of eye makeup such as purples and greens or blue eye liner," suggests Timothy Stirneman, D.D.S., a family dentist at All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, Illinois. Eyeshades on the eye lids value to glance any yellow from the teeth.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies:
Fruits and vegetables are essential for your health. Providing maximum nutrition, vegetable and fruits also help to clear away plaque. "It's not only good for you, but it whitens your teeth naturally in between pro teeth whitening sessions," says Austin.

Coating Teeth in Petroleum Jelly:
"As odd as it may sound, applying a layer of this right on the teeth will prevent any unwanted stains like coffee or lipstick and give your teeth a shiny look," says Jessica Emery, a cosmetic dentist and owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft in Chicago. This is also a cinematic trick as many photographers use when they photograph models.

Brush on Bronzer:By contouring your brush with bronzer, you can also get a sparkling look with a brighter smile. "By blending a matte foundation or bronzer under your cheekbone and down the bridge of your nose in a shade darker than your skin tone, you can contour the shape of your face to enhance your smile," says Tessa McCullough, a makeup artist at G2O Spa and Salon in Boston.

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