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5 Mascara Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Even More Amazing

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Mascara is one of the great inventive makeup products that brings you instant charm and glamour with a touch of unique indulgence. Beauty exert Sonia Kashuk also recommends mascara for extra allure and elevation. According to her, women should wear mascara with a bit of elegance in new exclusive ways to expand their eye shape leading to a more beautiful and sensual presence.

All Eye Shapes: 

Using eyelash curler before wearing mascara is a good idea for a more gorgeous and striking looks. Sonia Kashuk initially puts emphases saying, “With any eye shape, you want to start with an eyelash curler to open up the eye, it goes hand in hand with mascara.”

Wide Set Eyes:

Creating wide set of eyes provide an elite look. Coating all the lashes with mascara with a precise wand will give beautiful yet attractive illusion that both eyes are closer and creating a strong prominent effect.

Sonia adds for overdrawn eyeliner, “Don’t use eyeliner, especially liquid liner, to exaggerate the shape of the eyes or attempt fancy tricks to make your eyes look larger. Just get the liner as close to the lashes as possible.”

Close Set Eyes: 

Kashuk also applauds and says, “Use a magnifying mirror to fill in any spots where there’s a void.” It will help you to see all the outer corners of eyes look wider. After looking carefully, apply a thick coat of mascara on the lashes for more exaggerated looks.


With monolid, the lashes look long. Going easy on the thickness, it will increase an effect that lashes are keeping the eye more open.

Sonia says, “Lashes should look natural, not spiky. So if you have very long lashes on the bottom, adding mascara looks odd, and sometimes it smudges onto the skin.”

Small Eyes:

Making small eyes look large and more round, use mascara carefully and apply its double coat on the lashes. You will witness a prompt lively effect with bigger yet beautiful eyes.

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