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The Secrets to Wide Eyes, High Cheekbones, and Plump Lips

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Wide eyes, high cheekbones and plump lips enhance your innermost multiple personality features in a more erotic way. Who does not want these prime features that appear them more elegant yet attractive in a stunning way.

In-fact everyone desires to appear more gorgeous, more striking and more beautiful. Wearing makeup is another way but those who have natural beauty and facial features enjoy this beauty more stylishly than who rely only on artificial stuff. To guide who wants to enhance their natural facial features, our experts and listed down some very useful tips, which not only will help them boost their natural facial features but will help them upkeep with new style trends.

For Larger Eyes: 

Eyeliner is a great accessory to enhance eyes in a good striking way. A good eyeliner and its thick layer will appear your eyes large and beautiful. Use eyeliner on upper and lower lash line carefully. By smearing pply before shadow, will also give a softer shining large eye look.

For Higher Cheekbones:

Desirable yet high cheeks bones appear cute very attractive while it also provide a very sensual feeling especially in women. According to experts, cheek bones should have a deep curve lining lips and angled up to the start of ears however, getting these types of desirable cheekbones is not an easy thing.

It is another secret to a slenderer and more distinct face. While wearing some important makeup could do wonders for you. To get higher cheekbones, you could use slight amount of face powder. Apply with a smaller brush to the tops of your cheekbones. By doing this, you will clearly see that your cheekbones are lifted and illuminating with a discrete sheen.

You can also use shaping powder on the temples and also, on hollow of cheeks. Shaping powder will gently glide into skin while use glow powder onto the apples of your cheeks. This two way activity automatically provide you a bigger and fluffier look especially with higher cheekbones.

For Plumper Lips: 

Lips are extremely significant facial feature while full lips also appear tempting and scrumptious. A usual pout boosts full appearance. Usually experts say that lower lip should be plumper than your upper lip in order to appear having with more plump lips.

By applying the concealer on to either side of your mouth is the first thing to do before you actually wear lip pencil on to the outer corners of your lips. Try using a slight darker pencil if your complexion is little lighter. For filling pout, wear a glossy lip shine diagonally the middle of your lips.

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