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Tips to Protect Skin from Summer Heat

Posted by Health&Beauty Expert on

Our skin is main cover when it approaches to keeping inner healthiness, but sometime we too forget as our skin needs nourishment as well. This is particularly factual in the summer high temperatures. Even experts say that we do not take additional steps to take care of our skin. Considering all the facts, and for our readers’ guidance, we listed some of the fine tips to protect skin from the summer heat.

Sunscreen is considered to be your major stride in keeping your skin from the summer heat. The scorching heat could cause sunburns leading to risk for skin cancer as well. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, summer heat also causes prematurely skin ages and wrinkles.

Usage of Rose Water:
Rose water is additional beneficial for your skin especially in summer time. Our country’s renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Husain talked to Hindustan Times and mentioned the importance of rose water for human skin. Rose tonic kept in the fridge is the perfect technique to cool your face when it’s hot out.

Oil-Free Moisturizer:
A good oil free moisturizer will do the trick as it hydrates skin pores thoroughly giving you a smooth soothing sensation all the time even in summer heat.

Plenty of Water Intake:
Drinking lots of water throughout the day would do wonders for you. To keep safe your skin form the heat, you need to drink more than 8 glasses a day.

The seasonal high temperatures and sun can harm the external layers of skin, leading to a thirsty, peeling feeling. Battle this by exfoliate a few times a week.

Keep your Beauty Products Cool:
If you apply makeup more frequently, or you use skin products more often, try to keep them in a cool place. The refrigerator would do fine in this case.

See a Professional:
Occasionally the best approach to keep your skin safe in the high temperatures is to visit a specialized person. One of the best helpful processes is a chemical peel, which can benefit reassure the skin to restore and can reduce the presence of fine lines, wrinkles and sun mutilation.

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