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Tooth Decay – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

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Tooth decay is also called Dental caries or a cavity. It is an infection, bacterial in origin which effects and demineralization and damage of the solid nerves of the teeth and it is a major cause for tooth loss as well.

Dental decay is "a slowly progressing disease," says David A. Albert, D.D.S., M.P.H., associate professor of clinical dentistry at the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. "From start to finish in the general population, it can take five years to go from a new caries lesion (early decay) to full-blown involvement of the pulp (the center of the tooth, where the nerves and blood vessels are). Back in the 1920s, the way we practiced was based on [decay] progression taking a matter of months."

Tooth Decay Symptoms:

  • Development of cavities in the mouth
  • Presence of plaque or black sticky deposits on teeth

Tooth Decay Causes:

  • Excessive consumption of sugary and starchy food
  • Bacteria in the mouth convert the sugar into acids
  • Acid combines with food particles to form plaque
  • Plaque leads to cavities which if not treated can lead to loss of tooth

Natural Home Remedy Using Rock Salt and Mustard Oil:

  1. Take 2 tsp of rock salt
  2. Add 2 tsp of mustard oil
  3. Massage this on your teeth
  4. Leave it for 5 min
  5. Gargle with water

Natural Home Remedy Using Salt:

  1. Take 1 glass lukewarm water
  2. Add 1 tsp salt
  3. Mix well
  4. Gargle with this water every night


  • Massage your teeth with clove oil
  • Chew clove after every meal
  • Include onions in your daily diet. Onions are effective in killing germs

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