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Vital Vitamins for Hair Growth

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Many people especially women report to have low level of hair growth. There could be a lot of reasons of it but the most vital is the lack of vitamins. Vitamins are very necessary especially for hair growth. Vitamins help to make your body and mind stronger as well. So if your body lacks some vitamins which are very vital, your hair growth will also be affected. Below are mentioned some of the most vital vitamins which could greatly help in hair growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A:
This vitamin plays very vital role in hair growth. It helps to make your hair shiny, long and black. It also helps to control the hair damage and keep your scalp moisturized. Food likes spinach, apricots, mangoes, milk, egg yolk and sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7:
Vitamin B7 is also known as biotin which is very important for your hair health. This basically works to increase the thickness and volume of your hair. It helps to make your hair straight, increase the growth rate of your hair and also facilitate the volume of the hair. Eggs, bananas, almonds, raspberries, walnut, cauliflower and yeast are rich with vitamin B7.

Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B 12:
The vitamin which helps to control the hair fall is vitamin B 12. This facilitates the absorption of iron into your body which in turn will help you by preventing hair loss. Cheese, eggs, milk, whey powder and yogurt are rich in vitamin B12 thus it is suggested that you should include them in your daily eating habits.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is another important essential for your hair as it helps to fight back dryness and grey hair. Therefore it is very necessary for you to keep supplements or foods which contain vitamin C. Food like guava, lemon, strawberries and mandarins are rich in Vitamin c.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D also plays pivotal role in your hair growth. It will help to increase your hair and benefit your body as well. The best source of vitamin D is sun as it will provide vitamin to your body naturally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is another vitamin which helps you to get back the moisture of your hair and keep them shiny and prevent them from drying as well. It also facilitates good blood flow which is very beneficial for skin healing process. Ingredients like Almonds, milk, fish, sunflower seeds, peanuts, dried herbs and cooked spinach are rich in vitamin E.

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