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Nail Treatments

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  • Dmgm Calcium Milk

    Caption: Nourish your nails with the Calcium milk enamel, fast drying enamel for weak and under-nourished nails. Enriched with Linseed Oil, pastel seed Oil, Oat milk, milk protein, Calcium and UV absorber Helps hydrate...

  • Diana Bio 2 Vitamin Booster

    Boost your nail with the Bio 2 Vitamin booster “ A therapy base coat” that provides efficient response to dry and brittle nails, through a cocktails of Vitamins and pure botanical oils that have been selected...

  • Dmgm Vitamin Booster

    Caption:     No more dry & brittle nails!! This hydrating, fortifying age-defense Vitamin therapy will invigorates your nail and restore suppleness. Nail care with Oxygen technology, bio-sourced water...

  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment

    This vitamin E-rich hand cream moisturises dry hands, conditions nails and softens cuticles. Antioxidant protection for soft hands and stronger nails All skin types Moisturising Conditions nails Softens...

  • Purederm Moisture & Nourish Fingernail Mask

    Purederm Moisture&Nourish Fingernail Mask offers special care for nails.Not only exfoliates rough skin around nails but also cares damaged nail from nail art, cuticle removal and UV. So you can have shiny and healthy...

  • Oriflame The One Nail Shield

    Four in one solution for nails: protects, hardens, strengthens and fills in ridges so nails look healthier, smoother and feel more resilient in just 3 days. Protects against splitting and peeling. Fortified with Iron,...

  • Diana Oxygen Opti Grow

    Grow your nails faster and stronger with a cocktail of efficiency.Enriched with powerful naturally derived anti – oxidants and keratin enhancers, Oxygen carrier, marine minerals, plant stem cells, seaweed extracts,...

  • Diana Calci Milk Enamel

    A quick drying “Milky” touch enamel for poor and growth – challenged nails.Helps build – up thin and weak nails to grow long, strong and beautiful. Enriched with calcium, Milk protein, oat milk, pure...

  • Diana Oxy Nail Brightener

    An easy response for stained and yellowing nails, A 2in1 color & care system, dries quickly.Concealer for yellowing, stained or poorly ageing nails that look unpleasant for people who don’t use nail color but want...

  • Dmgm Opti Grow

    Caption:     Breathe easy!!! Oxygen technology Step change generation of nail care with Oxygen technology, medically tested aldehyde and advanced plant stem cell complex to promote strong healthy nail...

  • Dmgm Nail Brightener

    Caption: Brighten up!! 2 in 1 color and care formula. Instantly conceals nail yellowing, stains and imperfections. Enriched with a blend of hydrating, anti – oxidizing Vitamins and natural marine elements to help...

  • The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil

    This handy two-in-one pen softens cuticles while caring for dry, brittle nails. It contains sweet almond oil. Tidies cuticles Sweet almond scent How To Use: Remove cap. Twist end of pen to dispense oil, brush oil onto...

  • Total Effects Cuticle & Nail Moisture Teatment (Front)

    Olay total effects cuticle & nail moisture treatment is infused with Olay moisture and contains a variation of VitaNiacin specifically formulated for the cuticle and nails that includes vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.With...

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