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SUPPLEMENTS FOP Asthma / Allergy

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  • Saeed Ghani Nature Organic Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil) 60 ML

    Black seed oil is said to strengthen hair and nails. Used externally on the skin and is thought to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis for colds, headaches, allergies and infections. Strengthen Hair &...

  • Qarshi Corezcol

    Effective in whooping cough, asthmatic cough, irritating cough and acute bronchitis. Effective in whooping cough Effective in asthmatic cough Effective in irritating cough and acute bronchitis All Natural Product It...

  • GNC Clear Lungs Extra Strength 60 Vegetarian Capsules

    جی این سی کلیر لنگس ایکسٹرا سٹرینتھ 60 ویجٹیرین کیپسولزجی این سی کلیر لنگس ایکسٹرا سٹرینتھ ویجٹیرین کیپسولز سوفیصد خالص اور قدرتی ہیں۔ یہ ایک ایسا مرکب ہے جو مکمل طور پر جڑی بوٹیوں سے تیار کردہ ہے اور جو آپ کے جگر کو بھی...

  •  Marhaba Inhaler

    MARHABA Inhaler clears Stuffy Nose Clears Stuffy Nose Nose allergy Precautions: Keep at cool and dry place.Consult physician if required. Manufactured by: Marhaba Pvt Ltd Country of Origin: Product of...

  • Qarshi Allergex

    Effective herbal remedy for the allergies due to intrinsic heat, medicine, food or climatic changes. Effective herbal remedy Effective for the allergies due to intrinsic heat Effective for the allergies due to medicine,...

  • GNC Herbal Plus Grape Seed Extract Front

    جی این سی ہربل پلس گریپ سیڈ ایکسٹریکٹ 300 ایم جی (100 کیپسولز) جی این سی ہربل پلس گریپ سیڈ ایکسٹریکٹ ایک بہترین غذائی سپلیمینٹ ہے جو جلد اور مخصوص الرجیز میں بہت عمدہ طریقے سے کام کرتا ہے۔ ہماری صحت کا انحصار اِس بات پر...

  • Qarshi Lal Sharbat

    Lal sharbat is the best remedy for the all kinds of chest diseases such as weakness of lungs, trauma, respiratory disorders etc. It is an Expectorant, Vasodilator, Decongestant, Antihistaminic and Anti-Tussive. A unique...

  • Qarshi Kushta Abrak Sufaid

    An effective herbal remedy for Leucorrhoea and Spermatorrhoea. Cures asthma and phlegmatic cough. Helpful in different kinds of fevers. A tonic for the vital organs of the human body. Kushta Abrak Sufaid is an effective...

  •  Marhaba Khameera Banafsha (100 Grams)

    Effective in cough, cold, flu and other chest related disorders. Improves and tunes up liver and Gastro-intestinal system. Prevents constipation by Stimulating intestinal peristalsis. Lowers the intensity Of...

  • Marhaba Khameera Abresham Sada Back

    Khamira Abresham  is a herbal medicine having good taste and efficacy. It improves blood circulation and eyesight.Cerebral, cardiac and optic tonic.Eradicates stiffness of capillaries and normalizes hypertensive states...

  • Olive Leaf 15% Olcuropein 500mg

    Olive Leaf has been used for centuries as a health-promoting herb. Natural Factors Olive Leaf is standardized to contain 10% oleuropein, the powerful phytochemical responsible for olive leaf's benefits. Health-promoting...

  • Good N Natural Royal Jelly 500 Mg (60 Softgel)

    Royal Jelly is a milky-white secretion produced by glands of worker honeybees to induce the superior growth and development of the queen bee. Royal Jelly is the principal food of the honeybee queen.Royal Jelly is a highly...

  • Qarshi Asthmina

    Effective in acute and chronic asthma, expectorant and bronchodilator.Asthma is a very tormenting disease of the respiratory system. In this disease the convulsion and narrowing of bronchial tubes of lungs causes difficulty...

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