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5 Best and Finest Natural Ways to Tighten Skin on Face and Neck

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Natural ageing with some other disadvantages also transmits sagging effects on skin. However there are some other reasons as well due to which especially women face sagging skin on the face and around neck area. In order to curb the hard effects of this lingering issue, Saloni skin experts have some unique but very easy natural tips for you which will surely help to tighten your skin on face and neck

Eating Healthily Food:

Two bowls of small fresh fruit salad in your daily diet regime could do wonders for you. Not only it will affect your overall health but you will surprise to see that your sagging skin is now tightening up around neck area and especially the face skin.

Meaning the more anti-oxidants rich food you will intake, the more fabulous skin you get. Also try to avoid soda and fried foods as these foods are filled with sugar and oil that could affect badly with the elasticity in the skin.

Using Firming Cream:

Firming cream is considered a modern phenomenon that contains wakame seaweed, chrysin and keratin which greatly help skin to remain tight despite age the factor. Also use a cream that contains Vitamin E as this particular vitamin helps hydrate you skin cells.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Skin experts always suggest drinking plenty of water during the entire day as it gently flushes the toxins out of body and provide you a natural glowing complexion keeping facial skin and neck further supple, healthy and fresh.

Facial Exercises Also Important:

Tilting your head back while sitting on a bed is an easy example of facial exercise but there are also many other exercises as well which certainly could bring a miracle impact on your sagging skin. The facial exercise basically work in two ways. Firstly it will help the upper facial and neck skin to be more elastic secondly the inner skin cells will feel relaxed when pressed gently. Consequently it will help tighten skin on face and neck.

Using a Facial Mask:

A good healthy cucumber mask on face and neck area is considered best remedy to tighten facial skin and neck. You can also easily make cucumber mask at home as well. Take 2 tablespoon of cucumber juice and mix it with one egg white. Now put some drops of lemon juice in it and mix again with few drops of vitamin E oil. You mask is ready now. Apply gently on your and neck and face leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Later wash your face and neck with luke warm water to feel refreshed.

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