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6 Brow Mistakes you’re Probably Making

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Sometimes naturally thick and long brows need extra care and maintenance but generally if you have subtle fine brows, you just need to calm down and see our beauty expert Maribeth Madron’s valuable guideline to get fabulous arches.

You Wax or Thread Your Brows:

Waxing and threading are no good to get good brows. Actually it all depends on the shape of an individual’s face. "Waxing and threading are a fantastic method for cleaning up body hair or chin hairs—but not brows," says Madron. "Waxing rounds your brows, which in turn can make your face appear older. As for threading, when one thread is in the technician's teeth when they're pulling the hairs, they end up looking over their shoulder—so they can't even see what they're doing."

You Only Tweeze Once A Week: 

Only tweezing once a week is still acceptable but too many visits to saloon could damage your brows badly. "A couple of hairs should be pulled every single day," says Madron. "It's the only way to maintain your arches. If you wait a week or two, you're going to have hair sprouting everywhere, and it'll be hard to know what's new growth and what needs to stay."

You Match Your Arches to Your Hair Color:

Always try to match your brows color to your hair color. It would provide you more exquisiteness yet elegance with a touch of modern grace.

"By making your brows lighter—with a brow mascara, for example—your eyes will really pop," says Madron. If you're a blonde with fair to medium skin, it's the opposite rule. "Anyone with light everything needs to go a little bit darker," says Madron. "Look for the absolute darkest lowlight of your hair, and match that."

You Do Your Brows First, Then the Base: 

Brows are the edgings of your outer looks and it is comprehensible that you apply blush, bronzer. But always try to apply base, bronzer, blush, brows, and then everything else. "It's important to finish your complexion first," says Madron. "If you're washed out, with no blush or color, you're going to totally overdo the brows. It's similar to the way ladies always end up overdoing liner and mascara if they've left their brows until last."

You Use Just One Brow Product:

According to beauty experts, use at-least three brow products to get beautiful fine subtle delicate arches. "Pencil for structure, powder for color, and then a gel to settle the hairs and keep them in place," says Madron.

You Start from the Outside and Work Your Way In: 

Try going back to the start of brow. It will help you adding a little adequate brushes on your brow so the inward angle is lighter and extra natural-looking than the surface one. "What you really want to do is start in the middle of your brow, where it's naturally fullest," says Madron. "From there, work lightly toward the tail. When you're done, go back to the start of your brow and add a few fine flicks so the inner corner is lighter and more natural-looking than the outer one."

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