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7 Makeup Mistakes Making You Look Tired

Posted by Makeup Expert on

It’s a considerable fact that there are so many makeup products as one certainly goes through a hefty task to choose from different shades of lipsticks to different types of eye shadows. However, at the same time, we don’t know which products will work best for our skin tone. And by not knowing this important aspect, we tend to make mistakes that automatically bring bad effects of wearing makeup that actually make us look tired.

Mistake 1: You choose monotone colors:

Sometimes monotone colours create low facial effects making you look more tired than ever. Though one dimensional colors are considered more sober but for a bright and glowing look, this type of makeup do not define your eye brows and cheeks along with upper and lower lips.

Mistake 2: You use the wrong under-eye concealer: 

Eye concealers are considered best to combat dark circles. Sometimes by wearing a dark concealer does not provide a natural and subtle look however, if your skin complexion is light, you can use different bright or dark concealer for a more fuller and fresh look.

Mistake 3: You skip eye-makeup primer:

Always wear an eye makeup primer to hide dark circles well. Using a light color eye makeup primer often provide more fresh look instead of dark eye makeup primer. Along with eye makeup primer, also don’t use a dark eyeliner as it will not enhance fresher look rather will make you look tired.

Mistake 4: You use too much powder:

Using too much face powder also is another sign that your reflection results in too much tiredness. Dry powdered face look older and non-energetic. Even it hides certain facial issues, but applying too much face powder is not a good idea if you want a blended, shining and soothing reflection.

Mistake 5: You skip moisturizer: 

Don’t wear makeup without applying any good moisturizer first. Experts don’t recommend this practice at all. Without moisturizer, your skin look extremely dehydrated, dull and tired.

Mistake 6: You use the wrong eyeliner color: 

Eyeliner color is very important to get a fresher and smoother look. Wear eyeliner color according to your skin tone. Use light colors on light complexions while dark colors suit on dark complexions. Using more fresh color make you look young and energetic.

Mistake 7: You wear gray makeup: 

Wearing gray makeup styles do not provide a healthy fresh look, rather you will look more tired than ever. Warm color makeup products hide different skin tone issues and make you look fresh and young.

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