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A Practical Guide to Combat Pimples

Posted by Health&Beauty Expert on

Recently renowned skin specialist (dermatologist) Craig Kraffert, M.D., who is founder of “Amarte” interviewed in detail about acne, (pimples, zits) as where they pop up. Certainly acne appears to be the worst enemy for young girls. However, with Craig Kraffert’s tips, you can liftoff with a new energy to combat ugly looking pimples.

"Treating acne here really has to do with the severity of the acne," says Kraffert. "A lot of people will start scrubbing their foreheads aggressively, which will only aggravate the problem."

So in order to reduce acne issues, start using a moderate cleanser together with rentinoids. "The most important tip is to continue to use these, even after the acne clears," says Kraffert. "Otherwise, it will likely come back."

Nose is one of the most visible parts of your body and is equally important as well. Kraffert suggest, "This is where there is the densest population of large oil glands," he explains further. "That's why they tend to get inflamed so easily.

"Most acne in this area is hormonal and genetic," says Kraffert. "And, the truth of the matter is, oral contraceptives that are prescribed for acne control don't always work well." Use a good cleanser with retinoids and you will see results in days.

"This is something I've seen for years," says Kraffert. Stay cleaned, and use retinoid to avoid acne on ears. "Reach for your topicals, like a retinoid, to help clear up the issue," says Kraffert.

Back and Chest:
"There are very interesting issues with your chest and back," says Kraffert. "The areas that tend to get inflamed cover such a wide area, that topical treatments don't tend to get the job done. When doctors think about prescribing Accutane, they take into consideration how widespread an area the breakouts cover, since acne on the back and chest covers such a wide surface area, Accutane is actually extremely effective."

"They actually tend to be a condition called keratosis pillaris, which is when the protein keratin clogs your hair follicles," says Kraffert. "Glycolic and lactic acids are also good for issues like this,"

Craig Kraffert further explains that Accutane or other antibiotics are not that effective. "There isn't a 'cure' for it," he says. "It's a totally unmet medical need, which is something we're hoping changes."

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