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Applying Long Lasting Lipstick Correctly

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Every woman wants to look sensuous and glamorous. When you take a look at a particular woman, what makes someone attract towards her is the lip color. Lipstick grabs the attention of the viewer thus it is very important that one must apply a long lasting lipstick and correctly. Applying lipstick is an art and only few people are familiar with this art. Lipstick can make your lips seductive, glamorous and it really makes your impression last long.

Applying Perfect Lipstick

Applying Perfect Lipstick:

For applying the perfect lipstick, you need to pay special attention and always try to apply all the makeup before applying lipstick. It will allow you to focus completely on your lips while finishing the entire other makeup.

Don’t play with you Lips

Don’t play with your Lips:

It is one of biggest mistakes by majority of females that they tend to play with their lips by applying unrealistic lip colors. Due to this particular fact they can really look odd. Don’t experiment too much applying any certain lip color. On the other hand, if you want to apply a dark lip color then always remember that wearing a heavy eye make with it will make you look further odd.

Consider Lipstick Color Carefully

Consider Lipstick Color Carefully:

It is also necessary for you to consider the lipstick color before applying it. For example if you have dark skin then you should consider applying reds, cheery, gold brown and nude pink colors. It will help to attract the viewers with just one glimpse. Similarly, if you have a fair complexion then light colors would be more suitable for you.


Lip Liner is also Essential:

While applying lipstick, lip liner is also very essential. It gives a long lasting look to your lips and blends with your lipstick well. Nonetheless you have to avoid using lip liner when you are using dark colors. Darker shade will make your lips look like clownish. When you are applying a lip liner, start from center of your upper lip, it will help you to make a fluent lip line. It will also help to give a neat shape.

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