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Beauty Experts Describe Why Face Needs a Massage – Saloni Expert Advice Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Face skin is considered the most subtle part so it needs care accordingly. Washing face with a good facial cleanser still puts behind numerous microorganisms and small dirt clogs that only vanishes away with a good face massage session. Along with other, there are also certain reasons why our face needs a good facial massage. Professionals however, categorize these reason in following manner.

Due To Skin Care Products:

“How you apply skin care products is just as important as the products you are using, application, massage, and direction of massage will optimize the results of all skin care products.”

-NYC board-certified dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco

Influencing Flow of Lymphatic, Blood, and Interstitial Fluids:

“Well-performed facial massages influence the flow of lymphatic, blood, and interstitial fluids, which improves drainage of toxins and revitalizes the skin and muscles, the results [of the study] show that the effectiveness of skin care formulas are multiplied by the action of the massage compared to the product itself applied without it.”

-NYC board-certified dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco

Elastin Fibers:

“Elastin fibers are like rubber bands, stretch them back and forth too often or too quickly and they’ll wear out.”

-Master esthetician & laser specialist Kim Laudati

Exfoliating Movements:

“For exfoliating movements, gently massage exfoliating products with water, in small circular motions,” and “for application of serums and moisturizers, perform circular and rhythmic strokes spread evenly to help penetrate. This will reduce the chance of product buildup which creates congestion and breakouts,”

-Master esthetician & laser specialist Kim Laudati

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