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Beauty Pundits Share Best Tips For Looking Younger – Saloni Special – Part 2

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Beauty Tips For Looking Younger:

Practise facial yoga:

“Facial yoga helps to support the contours of your face, delays wrinkles and improves deep-set lines. Place your fingers on the edge of your jaw and pull towards your ears. This disperses fat around the jaw.”

-Wren Holmes, UrbanVeda skincare


Eat face foods:

“Wild salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that moisturise from within for smooth, soft, flexible and glowing skin. I eat two to three servings of wild (not farmed) salmon a week. Avocados are also full of monounsaturated oil, vitamin E and B complex vitamins that repair and protect skin from free radical damage. I eat avocados three to four times a week.”

-Nigma Talib, naturopathic doctor

Pack in the powder:

“Renowned make-up artist Laura Mercier told me never to put powder in the crow’s feet around my eyes. It just makes wrinkles look bigger.”

-Kirsten Carriol, Lanolips’ creator


Do a headstand:

“Headstands are great for getting the blood to flow to the face, oxygenating your complexion and helping to remove wrinkle-inducing toxins.”

-Esther Fieldgrass, founder, EF Medispa,

Try “oil pulling”:

“To maintain youthful skin I do the Ayurvedic practice of ‘oil pulling’.

"I take a teaspoon of organic sesame oil, swish it in my mouth for a minute each morning and then spit it out. It helps detoxify the body and improve skin.”

-Dr Pauline Hili, founder, Nourish Skin Range,

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