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Best Homemade Remedies for Glowing Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

No doubt girls are very beauty conscious thus they tend to spend thousands of rupees on their beauty. They use different products which help them to look beautiful but what about those girls who can’t afford that much expensive treatments and products. For all those girls, the below mention homemade remedies can be very helpful as this surely will provide a glow to their skin along with providing a natural radiance.

Using Honey:

Honey can really work best for skin. We all commonly use honey in our home. You can also use to make your skin fair and glowing. Take 2 tea spoon of honey and massage it on your face. Try to use it twice a day and in a few weeks, you will see the magic that your skin will glow than usual.

Papaya Peel:

Papaya is another very helpful ingredient for your skin. Although it might heat up the body but it can really do wonders for your skin. Peel off the skin of papaya, crush it and make a paste. Then massage this paste on your face. Leave it for an hour and wash your face with fresh water. Applying this paste twice a week will result in a more radiant healthy looking skin.

Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are commonly used in salad. These are very beneficial and can cure many illnesses as well. This is also very helpful in keeping your skin clear and germs free. Crush the basil leaves and make a paste of it. Apply this paste gently on your skin and leave it for some time. Then wash your face with warm water as you will realize that your skin is glowing with a perfect touch of additional spark.

Rose Water:

Rose water is another common ingredient which is commonly used in many homes. You can apply this regularly on your face to get a more radiant healthy looking skin. You can get the rose water from the market or you can take the rose petals and can make your own rose water. However, homemade rose water is much more helpful.


Yogurt is also commonly used in many homes. Even in west people use yogurt quite frequently. Applying one spoon of yogurt on your skin can be very helpful. It will nourish your skin and repair the damage skin as well. It will peel off the dead skin cells and brighten your skin tone.


Cucumber is commonly used vegetable in salad but you can also use it for the skin. Either you can make a juice of it or make a paste and apply it on your face. Try to use it twice a day and it will help you to get back the glow of your skin. It will also help you to fight back the sun tan problem.

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