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Care for Skin in Summer

Posted by styleandstylee on

Usually our skin becomes more greasy and oily during summer. The more problems in summer are due to excessive sweating and loss of nutrients and minerals in the form of sweat.

Common Skin Problems during Summer

Usually there is increase incidence of miliaria (prickly heat) due to excessive sweating, skin infections are more common like bacterial and fungal infections of body.

Foot infection is very common as we use occlusive shoes and due to excessive sweating there is increase chance of fungal infection of feet.

In the oily skin acne vulgar is usually aggravates or some time reappear due to excessive sweating.

The areas which are exposed to sunlight are usually affected in summer and there are more cases of sun tanning due to excessive sun exposure.

Effect of Weather Change on Skin

There are some skins conditions which are usually aggravate during summer and these patients remain symptom free during winter.

These disorders are called as photo dermatitis consisting of systemic lupus erythematosus, solar urticaria and polymorphic light eruption.

So these patients should be more careful during summer and try to avoid sun exposure.

How to Treat Oily Skin in Summer?

We cannot change our skin but there are plenty of solutions to combat oily skin.

Citrus fruits and cucumber not only refresh the skin but also help reduce oils.

Mix half a teaspoon lime juice with an equal amount of cucumber juice. Apply to skin a 20 minutes before showering.

Cornstarch easily dries up oily patches. Mix 2 to3tablespoons cornstarch with few drops of warm water to make a paste. Rub on your face, let it dry, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow this once a day for best results. Aloe Vera works well at absorbing skin oils.

In the summer time people are more active and participate in more outdoor activities. Many people are sensitive to sunlight or risk sun burns which could lead to even more problems.

Follow the underlying tips prepare your skin for summer and avoid typical summer skin problems.

Keep Skin Hydrated

When you are exposed to the sun and participate in sun activities or sweat, you lose water.

Water hydrates the skin, keeps it moist, elastic and young! Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day during the summer.

It is important to get rid of nasty pollutants. Use a moisturizing soap to cleanse skin. Avoid harsh soaps. After washing the face use your favorite facial lotion appropriate for your skin type.

Use Sun Screen

Use a sun screen with a SPF 35 or higher. The higher the SPF the more protection the sun screen will give against UV-B.

The Ultra Violet radiation which causes the skin to burn. The SPF estimates the amount of time the person who applies the sun screen can be exposed to the sun before getting burned. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours if you sweat a lot or if you go swimming.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Too much exposure to the sun exposes you not only to UV-B but also UV-A which experts believe plays a strong part in photo aging the skin and causing certain types of skin cancer.

Most sun screens do not adequately filter out UV-A enough to protect the skin.

Cover Up

Wear a hat, cap, with a large brim to protect the face. This is especially good when the sun is at its strongest between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Make sure your shirts have long sleeves to protect arms.

Even consider using a summer umbrella when the sun is very harsh.

It will be really helpful because your skin will show much less damage many sun lovers show after constant sun exposure.

We should try to stay indoors, avoid excessive sun exposure and drink plenty of water and fresh juices.

Try to avoid hot spicy foods. Wear light colored cotton clothes.

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