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Common Rumors about Skin Care – Saloni Beauty Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Skin professionals believe that it doesn’t matter either you are male or female, skin care is very important. Skin care leads to a more glowing appearance and healthy looking presence. If you ignore your skin and take it for granted, you will experience signs of early ageing, dryness, and dullness in a more ruthless manner. However, there are some common rumors about skin care that you don’t need to pay attention.

Rumor: Harder Rubbing – Clearer Skin:

It’s a common rumor that if you want to have a clearer skin, rub harder. On the other hand, since this notion is only a myth, it can really damage your skin because if you over washes your face, it will make skin drier. It will also rub off the protective layer of your skin which might also lead further damage to the skin.

Rumor: Wrinkles can be hidden with Botox:

Wrinkles can be hidden with Botox. People believe that Botox treatment can be very helpful to hide the wrinkles but the fact is that if you keep yourself relax, it will help you to have less wrinkles. However, once you have wrinkles, getting rid of them is quite hard.

Rumor: Acne is Caused by Junk Food:

Acne is caused by junk food. Dermatologists suggest that it is not the junk food which causes acne but it is the avoidance of skin care that leads one to have acne. Thus considering junk food to all your skin problem is not right.

Rumor: Skin Getting Use to the Products:

With the passage of time, skin will get use to the products. It is a very bogus rumor that our skin gets use to the products we use daily. If a product does not suit your skin and you are still applying it, it could lead you to face serious issues. This might damage your skin and even lead to skin cancer as well. Thus try different products which suit your skin and make you look good.

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