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Constipation is called mother of all illnesses. Ignoring this problem leads to many other diseases so when you feel you are having trouble in your digestive system, cure it. Cure of constipation is not difficult in the presence of natural ingredients. Below are presented authentic remedies to get relief from constipation.


1. Fruits are a good cure from constipation. Guava, pear, papaya and grapes are excellent source to fight against this problem.
2. Take tea made of ginger. Boil three to four slices of ginger in water and tea is ready.
3. Add one lemon juice and pinch of salt in a glass of water and drink it.
4. A century old remedy which is still in use today and is very effective. Add one spoon ispaghol in a cup of luck warm milk or in a glass of water and intake this drink. If you feel trouble in sipping ispaghol after mixing then get ispaghol in one spoon and swallow with milk or water.
5. Soak four to five figs for over night in water and eat them in the morning.
6. If a kid is suffering from constipation, mix up one teaspoon castor oil in milk and give your kid.

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