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Detox Your Skin with a Face Mask

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Heading into the season of calmer, cooler and unpredictable weather is always tricky as one’s skin is not prone to face such abrupt changes. However, detoxing is one way that makes your skin more potent to face such weather deviations.

Do the Detox! 

Its initial task is to eliminate toxins from our body. These are natural toxins produced by various outside and inside factors, really makes skin dull and lifeless. This process is also called detoxification. Though there are many ways to give your skin a good intense deep detox, but using a scrub and a face mask is also considered a very good way to eradicate filths from skin. All the same, there are also range of products available in the market for detoxing but still you need to be better carful while choosing any product as it should comply with your skin tone as well.

What do Masks Do? 

Basically masks clean, moisturize and tone skin’s outer layer making it more prone to face outside bad effects in a more efficient way. Masks tame oiliness, particularly from the T-Zone space by riveting excess oils. They facilitate in skin modification, tightening up pores. Those pores that get clogged with dirt and dirt, resulting in uneven breakouts and ugly stratum, masks infuse Oxygen as well.

Unmasking the Masks: 

Face masks are best to use for two types of skin tones. Masks greatly help oily and acne-prone and dry, dull skin. According to beauty experts, clay masks are considered best for oily skins. It’s a great detoxify. On the other hand, hydrating masks are good for dry dull skin. Hydrating masks have extra properties and characteristics that makes skin hydrated for long periods of time.

Important Pointers:

Masks can essentially be quite potent. Using good masks and according to your skin type is equally important. Use mask once or twice a week and you will witness how carefully it is providing positive results. Beauty experts also stress on this particular notion that you should always avoid applying mask around the eyes as eyes are too delicate for skin masks.


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