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Digestive Problems During Ramadan

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Medical experts rightly say that digestive conditions like heartburn and indigestion increase in the holy month of Ramadan as various facts play role in it. From fasting several long hours especially in summers and overeating during iftaar are two main and big causes of digestive problems during Ramadan.

Fatty and Oily Food:

On the other hand, other diet related matters like eating extra fatty and oily foods are also directly related to this particular digestive problems in this sole holy month.

Expert’s Take:

A gastroenterology expert from UAE recently mentioned in the media in detail about how people from different races are not even thinking before eating especially in holy month of Ramadan.

“This week alone I have seen 10 cases of gastritis and one case of severe vomiting due to excess of fried and fatty foods. Conditions like GORD, gastritis and constipation are common. Excessive acid could lead to peptic ulcers. Certain spicy foods or foods rich in fat and carbohydrates could aggravate symptoms of GORD,” said Dr Mazin Al Jabiri, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Mediclinic, Dubai Mall.

Expert Advice Corner:

Dr Mazin Al Jabiri further explains and guides as how to keep digestive disorders at bay.

“One should stop eating at least two to four hour prior to bedtime so the digestive system can function properly.”

-Dr Mazin Al Jabiri, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Mediclinic, Dubai Mall

“Caffeinated drinks in particular such as coffee are diuretic, causing the body to increase urine. The increased water loss could lead to dehydration,”

-Dr Jayakumar B Kannan, Specialist Gastroenterologist at Aster Medical Centre Deira

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