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Dry Hair – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

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Dry hair often looks unnatural while majority of people also has flyaway hairs causing excessive breakage. Lack of oil is the biggest reason hair of dryness. Not only oil makes hair shinier and sleek looking but also healthier making the roots more strong.

"Dry hair is a tough problem," sympathizes Patricia Farris Walters, MD, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. "Generally, dry hair is caused by overprocessing—bleaching, coloring, straightening, and perming. It's further aggravated by use of heat-intensive devices like blow-dryers and curling irons."

Dry Hair Symptoms:

  • Rough and thin hair
  • Hair prone to tangles
  • Split ends
  • Hair fall

Dry Hair Causes:

  • Exposing hair to sun for long
  • Excessive use of hair dryers
  • Staying in a dry air environment for long
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Natural Home Remedy Using Eggs, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil/Almond Oil:

  1. Beat 2 eggs
  2. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice
  3. Add 2 tsp olive oil or almond oil
  4. Mix well
  5. Apply on hair and scalp
  6. Gently massage the scalp
  7. Leave it for 15 min
  8. Wash hair with a mild shampoo

Natural Home Remedy Using Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves:

  1. Take 2 tbsp coconut oil
  2. Add 5-6 curry leaves
  3. Heat the mixture for 2-3 min
  4. Allow the oil to cool
  5. Apply on scalp and massage gently
  6. Immerse a towel in warm water
  7. Squeeze out the water
  8. Wrap this towel around your hair for 15 min


  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
  • Cover your hair when out in sun for long

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