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Easy Face Yoga Exercises – Saloni Health and Fitness Special

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Face Yoga Exercises:

Exercise is a very essential part of healthy living as it will make you look younger, smarter and active. It is also suggested that one must find a few minutes for exercise in their daily routine. There are different from of exercises such as medication or yoga. Yoga is one of the most common exercises which will keep one active and healthy. However, yoga includes different facial exercises which will make you look younger and wrinkle free as well. Some of these exercises are highlighted below:

Reducing Chubbiness of Face:

If you want to reduce the chubbiness of your face then you should do this exercise. For this you just need to press your lips and close your mouth. After closing it blow air in it and hold it till you count of ten. When you have complete counting, transfer this air pressure into your right cheek and hold it for few moments. Revise this process with the left cheek and release the air.

Smiling Fish Face:

You would be familiar with the smiling fish face. This can also be the best exercise to reduce your chubbiness and make you look beautiful. For his exercise, you have to make a fish face and hold this posture for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for 3 times a day. You can also use smile smoother exercise for sagging skin.

Firm Jaw Lines:

For firm jaw lines, you just need to look upwards and blow air out. This exercise work best for firming your jaws and keep your skin tight. This exercise will also enable you to have a wrinkle free skin. To reduce the wrinkles of your eyes, you can use the resistance exercises as well. This will enable you to relax your existing line which in turn will reduce the wrinkles around your eyes.

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