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Easy Steps to Get the Perfect Pedicure with Dermacos Dermacure Products

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Wash hands carefully withDermacos Facial Washor Dermacos Hand Sanitizer.

Pedicure Relaxing Saok:

To get clean beautiful feet, first take half spoon ofDermacos Relaxing Saokand put into warm water or use this relaxing soak in foot spa keeping feet under water for approximately 10 minutes. If your skin is dry, you can keep feet under water for 15 minutes to get better results. This specially designed soak makes skin and cuticles soft but if cuticles are still hard, use Dermacos Instant Cuticle Remover with the help of little swabs so cuticles could easily be removed. Remove nails’ cuticles with the help of cuticle pin and remove cuticles beneath the ankles with the help of cuticle foot scrubber.

Pedicure Soothing Scrub:

UsingDermacos Pedicure Soothing Scrubis the second step to get beautiful soft feet. Apply scrub carefully around all areas of foot in scrubbing manner hence all dead skin cellsbe eliminated and new and renewed soft skin appears. After scrubbing, wash feet with warn water.

Pedicure Foot Mask:

To get beautiful and attractive feet, apply foot mask without touching nails and leave this mask on for 10 to 15 as it absorbs in the skin. Use lukewarm water to wash off feet.

Pedicure Healing Lotion:

To get indulgent and soft feet, using pedicure healing lotion is the fourth step. After applying the lotion, massage with gentle touches as complete lotion should be absorbed in the skin.

Pedicure Critical Cream:

To get soft and beautiful feet, applying pedicure critical cream is the fifth step. Use cream on those areas where you feel your skin is lifeless. For example around nails’ cuticles or torn skin underneath ankles. Leave the cream on for five minutes before washing with warm water.

Pedicure Cooling Gel:

To get beautiful feet, the sixth step is very important for this pedicure to last long as well as show worthy results. Apply reasonable amount of pedicure cooling gel as open pores of skin should be closed. This method helps moistness remains in skin for long periods. This is also helpful keeping dryness away. Cooling gel also helps strengthen your muscles providing more comfort and relief.


If you want to use Paraffin Wax, always use pedicure cooling gel after paraffin wax.

Professional Wax Extra Virgin Paraffin:

Use reasonable amount of Paraffin Wax and warm it into wax heater. Now put both feet in the wax heater in order to thorough wax application and swiftly wrap around a steamed hot towel approximately for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, take off towel and peel of remaining wax from feet.


Do not use already used paraffin wax on any other client as it could transfer germs or other diseases.

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