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Eight Hairstyles to Slim Down Fat Face – Saloni Special

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

It is a dream of every girl to have a perfect figure. But not all are blessed with a perfect body shape. It doesn’t mean that if you are fat or chubby you can’t enjoy your life or see the bright side of it. Conversely, overweight people become quickly disappointed as they don’t know certain ways that can help them to look smart. Hair styles can be your biggest problem if you are slight plump looking. Because your round face and full checks can make you look fatter. To avoid this issue on a larger context you can use different hair styles that will help to make you look slim even with a fat face.

Mix Up Layer:

One of the easiest ways to make your hair is mixing up the layer. You can have different types of layers together. Like medium, short or large layers. This will help to make your face look slim as this style will get all the attention.

Bob Cut:

Bob cut can be a suitable option for you If you are overweight. With chubby face you must get the bob cut till your chin line. This will help to get all the attention towards your jaw line. It will highlight your bone structure and make you look slim.

Parting Hair:

Parting hair style can also be helpful for you to look smart and slim. For this you can use the zig-zag style. This will help to get all the focus toward your style and will help you to look slimmer.

Pixie Haircut:

Pixie haircut can work very best for you as well. Although this might sound crazy to you but trust me if you are going to experiment it, it can be your best experiment ever. However when you are cutting your hair, try to make sure that you will have a cropped pixie cuts. This will make you look slim even with the chubby or fat face.

Half Updo:

Half up do is another very good option for the girls who have round face. This hair cut will help to hide your face with the layers part. It will conceal the lower part of your face with the back layers and make you look slim.

Long Layer Style:

Long layer style can work best for you if you have long hair. Long layers will allow hiding all the hide lines of your face. These layers will cut down the side view of your face and make you look slim.

High Bun:

High bun can be the most appropriate option for you. High bun will simply help to highlight your facial features. This will make your face look long and this will tend to perceive you as slim.


Ponytail is the last option for you which can help you to look smart. After making ponytail bring all your hair in your left side as this will give you a different look.

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